Thursday, November 4, 2010

Awkward annoying Civilian Chicks

So i've been having those issues alot lately ugh tag chasers and civ. chicks 
i had an email in my inbox (my private fb account) from a chick making one of nice and saying ugh my marine just deployed i accepted her friends request guess what happened she send my marine a friends request ... good no big deal but the best part was she deleted and blocked ME... well my hubby didnt accept the request so she took me of her block list and re added me i was like okay chick thats funny u know i tolerate alot but if some one is a tag chaser or trying to get with someone else's man thats a no go and i hate that..... i blocked her now im mean come one thats just dumb && i've been reading in other girls status updates that same stuff happened to them im wondering if its the same chick but seriously it makes me sick to my stomach ........OH WELL 

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