Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 month && 6 days..... day 98

98 Days since i saw him the last time..... 
and so many more to go this deployment has been really hard on me lately i wish all this not seeing each other for soooo long and the worries etc. could be over already ugh but nope were not even half way thru we barley got like 1 quarter done yeah i know pretty its pretty depressing uugh...... the days are literally dragging oh well so cant wait till he is home few more month (yeah a lil more then few) &&  i have him back :) oh well but at least i have time to plan the wedding without him changing things lmao omg i so cant wait lol but first of all he has to come home cause i think its kinda hard getting married when im here in California and hes over there in Afghanistan 

Friday, October 22, 2010

my Diamonds && his Dogtags, Halloween && my LOVE

so this morning i woke up holding on to his Dogtags which im wearing just to have him close to my heart while he is in afghanistan i thought it was pretty cute tho.... anyways it was a pretty weird nigth i didnt sleep good at all i had a weird feeling going thru my stomach and i have no idea what it was it kinda scared me cause i didnt know if he was doing okay or if he wasnt......... but thank god he is okay and one day closer to homecoming 

omg and i cant belive its only 9 days till halloween this year went by soooo fast its crazy but thank god im done with 2010 way to much drama and bull crap happened this year 2011 can come i dont even really want christmas this year since he wont be here :( stupid deployment ugh well be both made the decicion to live this military issued life together no matter what well i wish he would never re-enlisted well he is a lifer nothing anybody can do to change his mine A FULL BLOOD MARINE!!! but i love and support him no matter what he does and what he will choose i will be there with him ♥

but i also have exciting things like the 1 hour skype date with my MARINE this morning ♥ it was so good to see his face after over 2 weeks and really beeing able to talk for a while 

i cant believe its only been (almost) 3 month since i saw him the last time in person it feels like hes gone for so much longer well earlier i said the year is going by sooo fast yeah but ever since he deployed time is kinda standing still and wont go by at least today things seem a little better its not one of those days where im crying without a break im happy cause i talked to him and i know he is okay i love u so much ALEXANDER GILLIGAN ♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i love him ♥

my world
i lie awake at night tears rolling down my face wishing u could come home and stop all the pain i stand proud each day only break down at night being a MARINES girl isnt easy im always part of the fight i fight to go on with my day to get out of bed each morning to look at someone and smile cause its hard when u feel lonely i watch my friends cry they havent seen their man for 3 days im still standing strong and i havent seen my MARINE in 3 months they have already broken down im still moving along i was meant to be with my MARINE everyone knows this because im strong i break down sometimes sometimes i find it hard to move along remember that ur proud of ur MARINE and u love him pray for him everyday hope that god keeps him safe when a MARINES love is true u will be together forever go thru the worst and the best be there for each other and cherish each others love be there in good and in bad times help each other out and show each other how strong ur love is I LOVE && MISS MY MARINE ♥

u know ur other half is a MARINE when...

♥ i just love this 

U know ur other half is a Marine when....
- u get excited when u see an emblem or sticker on a vehicle while driving down the road
- u see someone with fake dog tags and want to gag
- u almost run off the road trying to read a billboard about Marines
- someone says "oh u date a soldier" and u correct them very quickly with "no, hes a MARINE" 
- u want to punch someone when they tell you to "get used to the lifestyle"
- u hate sunday afternoons when he comes home for the weekend but u hate the entire weekend when he cant
- u dislike obama
- u laugh when u see a Army or Air Force guy out in public in their cammies.
- u think cami paint is the sexiest thing known to man
- u almost break ur neck to get to the phone everytime it rings
- when the phrase "i love a man in a uniform" pisses u off cause u know unlike them that its not the uniform that makes the man but the man that makes the uniform
- when ur youtube history is full of usmc related videos
- when half ur wardrobe consists of USMC apparel
- u car is covered in usmc stickers
- the time on ur phone is set to military time
- u try to explain to civilians what ur man does for a living and they star blankly because they dont understand a 3rd of what u just told them
- u drive 4hrs one way just to see ur other half for 2.
- when u almost knock over 3 people running out of a store to get better signal when ur marine calls
- when u call his phone just so u can hear his voice on his voicemail even though u know he cant answer
- when u laugh at someone who uses a gun for protection because ur Marine is just as good with only his hands
- when u know all his uniforms and have ur favorite that u cant resist him in
- when u can look at any Marine in uniform and know what his rank is because u have memorized the rank structures
- when u find yourself constantly defending the USMC
- u find yourself googling military songs and quotes
- when u have at least one usmc tattoo
- u hear another girl whine about not seeing her boyfriend for 2 days and u want to slap her
- u forward ur calls to a landline just in case ur cell doesnt get the best service.
- u suddenly start paying attention when anything about the USMC or Afghanistan is mentioned.
- u want to hit any happy couple u see together.
- u get excited about "unknown" numbers calling u
- u find yourself on the internet for hours searching for anything and everything about Marines.
- u know which MRE's taste the best.
- the fact that u even know what an MRE is.
- u miss a night out on the town because u dont want to miss his phone call.
- u can spot a high and tight from across a crowded room.
- ur car is full of millions of day passes to get onto base.
- u dont mind a 4am wake up call.
- u cry over an email or message that says nothing more than hi and i miss u
- While enjoying an evening alone together ur Marine shows u all the different ways he knows to kill or incapacitate a man and then u casually continue cooking dinner as though its perfectly normal and u find yourself learning phrases in foreign languages from letters and arent surprised when u realize u know how to say "Throw down your weapons and lay down on the ground!" in Arabic
- The two of u are out and he speaks "military" to someone their eyes glaze over and u translate it into "English."
- even when its summer time u still sleep in his sweatpants and tshirts
- u sleep with your cell in case he calls in the middle of the night
- u make friends with strangers online just because they are in the same situation as u and are the only ones that can truly understand what u are going through
- ur first Christmas together is... apart
- u cant stand girls that talk about missing their boyfriends who live a few hours away u just want to yell "drive and go see them them" because if u had the chance u would jump on the first plane to go see your marine no matter how far it is
- u find yourself smiling and nodding as ur reading this because u know every line is true :)

if ur not in love with a MARINE...

if ur not in love with a marine u cant know adventure u dont know smelly PT uniforms that require a daily washing u cant understand green and brown camouflaged bags flooding your bedroom floor if ur not in love with a marine u cant understand the meaning of the phrase "going to the field" and the weeks you spend away from each other if ur not in love with a marine you can never imagine the hole in your heart when that phone call comes "honey im leaving tomorrow to go overseas i dont know how long i will be gone or exactly where im going but i want u to know that i love u always!" if ur not in love with a marine u dont know what its like to say that final good bye u dont know what it really means to be glued to the television u dont understand fear and u cant possibly understand the sleepless nights of endless crying wondering if u will ever see the love of ur life alive again if ur not in love with a marine u cant know the immense joy the uncontrollable smile or the butterflies in ur stomach when u see ur man march into the family waiting area upon redeployment u cant understand the self-control it takes to stand on the other side of the room as some higher-up gives a seemingly endless welcome home speech while all the marine stand in formation u dont know what its like to have that second first kiss or what its like to experience puppy love all over if ur not in love with a marine u cant truly understand how to make every moment count because u never know when that phone call may come again if ur not in love with a marine u can never really understand how very delicate life is!!! 

i love my MARINE Sgt. A. LEAMBURGH♥


........civilian chicks

so i just hate when girls complain about not being able to see their boyfriends for the next 2 days or when he goes out of town for a few days i just want to shake them and say "hey suck it up" and then i have to hear crap like he didnt text me back and blah whatever else, hey seriously what are we military wifes fiancées and grirlfriends suppose to say then our men are gone more then they are home were lucky if we get 1 phone call within 1 month during a deployment were lucky if we get to talk to our men for more then 5 minutes were lucky if we get an email with just a simple "im okay"...... and were lucky if we cam have a skype conversation without the internet connection breaking down ....... and we dont bitch about it 24/7 certain people have no clue what we have to go thru sometimes how hard a relationship or a marriage can be because of military issues but thru love doesnt know distance still im sick of all this drama about 15 year old chicks crying about their boytoys seriously get a life learn what loving someone really means a realthionship with a MARINE, SOLDIER, SAILOR or AIRMAN isnt what people think like easy and paradise its hard and it takes a strong woman to love a military man

i love my MARINE


2 month 3 weeks && 6 days

2 month 3 weeks && 6 days since he left.... it feels more like 5 month 3 weeks && 6 days!!!
this deployment is going by so slow... :( and it seems like one day is worse then the other.
good days and bad days thats what other people keep telling me it just seems like there are way more bad days then good days!!! but in the end every single day will be absolutely worth it......
i so cant wait till he comes home we have so many plans :) i so cant wait yaaaay :)
but first he has to come home from Afghanistan....i miss him soooo much all his craziness and random moments 
the funny things he does and especially the tripping over his boots every single day.... 
well actually i think this deplyoment is a good opportunity to gain experience and it shows how strong LOVE really can be we sure had our ups and downs in the last time more downs then ups but we always managed to work things out :) THANK GOD !!!........
we went thru so much together and it sure is a once in a lifetime chance to find someone like him he has his moods and his temper but besides that he is the best FIANCÉ in the world its crazy now thinking about a future without each other we grew so close  i never really thought it would be like that........... so perfect long therm engaged etc. even how this all began was kind of crazy but he was fighting for me ;) and he did a really great job :) oh well....anyways .... he called yesterday it was so good to hear his voice again even tho he was in a bad mood and really sad :( but i made him laugh and smile and made him feel a little better :)  i wish he could be here right now all i have right now is his dogtags and his picture................ and of course half of his closet :))))) ♥ lol i ♥ u ALEXANDER !!!!

yaaaay ♥ so cant wait!!!!!