Thursday, October 21, 2010

i love him ♥

my world
i lie awake at night tears rolling down my face wishing u could come home and stop all the pain i stand proud each day only break down at night being a MARINES girl isnt easy im always part of the fight i fight to go on with my day to get out of bed each morning to look at someone and smile cause its hard when u feel lonely i watch my friends cry they havent seen their man for 3 days im still standing strong and i havent seen my MARINE in 3 months they have already broken down im still moving along i was meant to be with my MARINE everyone knows this because im strong i break down sometimes sometimes i find it hard to move along remember that ur proud of ur MARINE and u love him pray for him everyday hope that god keeps him safe when a MARINES love is true u will be together forever go thru the worst and the best be there for each other and cherish each others love be there in good and in bad times help each other out and show each other how strong ur love is I LOVE && MISS MY MARINE ♥

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