Thursday, October 21, 2010

u know ur other half is a MARINE when...

♥ i just love this 

U know ur other half is a Marine when....
- u get excited when u see an emblem or sticker on a vehicle while driving down the road
- u see someone with fake dog tags and want to gag
- u almost run off the road trying to read a billboard about Marines
- someone says "oh u date a soldier" and u correct them very quickly with "no, hes a MARINE" 
- u want to punch someone when they tell you to "get used to the lifestyle"
- u hate sunday afternoons when he comes home for the weekend but u hate the entire weekend when he cant
- u dislike obama
- u laugh when u see a Army or Air Force guy out in public in their cammies.
- u think cami paint is the sexiest thing known to man
- u almost break ur neck to get to the phone everytime it rings
- when the phrase "i love a man in a uniform" pisses u off cause u know unlike them that its not the uniform that makes the man but the man that makes the uniform
- when ur youtube history is full of usmc related videos
- when half ur wardrobe consists of USMC apparel
- u car is covered in usmc stickers
- the time on ur phone is set to military time
- u try to explain to civilians what ur man does for a living and they star blankly because they dont understand a 3rd of what u just told them
- u drive 4hrs one way just to see ur other half for 2.
- when u almost knock over 3 people running out of a store to get better signal when ur marine calls
- when u call his phone just so u can hear his voice on his voicemail even though u know he cant answer
- when u laugh at someone who uses a gun for protection because ur Marine is just as good with only his hands
- when u know all his uniforms and have ur favorite that u cant resist him in
- when u can look at any Marine in uniform and know what his rank is because u have memorized the rank structures
- when u find yourself constantly defending the USMC
- u find yourself googling military songs and quotes
- when u have at least one usmc tattoo
- u hear another girl whine about not seeing her boyfriend for 2 days and u want to slap her
- u forward ur calls to a landline just in case ur cell doesnt get the best service.
- u suddenly start paying attention when anything about the USMC or Afghanistan is mentioned.
- u want to hit any happy couple u see together.
- u get excited about "unknown" numbers calling u
- u find yourself on the internet for hours searching for anything and everything about Marines.
- u know which MRE's taste the best.
- the fact that u even know what an MRE is.
- u miss a night out on the town because u dont want to miss his phone call.
- u can spot a high and tight from across a crowded room.
- ur car is full of millions of day passes to get onto base.
- u dont mind a 4am wake up call.
- u cry over an email or message that says nothing more than hi and i miss u
- While enjoying an evening alone together ur Marine shows u all the different ways he knows to kill or incapacitate a man and then u casually continue cooking dinner as though its perfectly normal and u find yourself learning phrases in foreign languages from letters and arent surprised when u realize u know how to say "Throw down your weapons and lay down on the ground!" in Arabic
- The two of u are out and he speaks "military" to someone their eyes glaze over and u translate it into "English."
- even when its summer time u still sleep in his sweatpants and tshirts
- u sleep with your cell in case he calls in the middle of the night
- u make friends with strangers online just because they are in the same situation as u and are the only ones that can truly understand what u are going through
- ur first Christmas together is... apart
- u cant stand girls that talk about missing their boyfriends who live a few hours away u just want to yell "drive and go see them them" because if u had the chance u would jump on the first plane to go see your marine no matter how far it is
- u find yourself smiling and nodding as ur reading this because u know every line is true :)

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