Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 month && 6 days..... day 98

98 Days since i saw him the last time..... 
and so many more to go this deployment has been really hard on me lately i wish all this not seeing each other for soooo long and the worries etc. could be over already ugh but nope were not even half way thru we barley got like 1 quarter done yeah i know pretty its pretty depressing uugh...... the days are literally dragging oh well so cant wait till he is home few more month (yeah a lil more then few) &&  i have him back :) oh well but at least i have time to plan the wedding without him changing things lmao omg i so cant wait lol but first of all he has to come home cause i think its kinda hard getting married when im here in California and hes over there in Afghanistan 

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