Friday, October 22, 2010

my Diamonds && his Dogtags, Halloween && my LOVE

so this morning i woke up holding on to his Dogtags which im wearing just to have him close to my heart while he is in afghanistan i thought it was pretty cute tho.... anyways it was a pretty weird nigth i didnt sleep good at all i had a weird feeling going thru my stomach and i have no idea what it was it kinda scared me cause i didnt know if he was doing okay or if he wasnt......... but thank god he is okay and one day closer to homecoming 

omg and i cant belive its only 9 days till halloween this year went by soooo fast its crazy but thank god im done with 2010 way to much drama and bull crap happened this year 2011 can come i dont even really want christmas this year since he wont be here :( stupid deployment ugh well be both made the decicion to live this military issued life together no matter what well i wish he would never re-enlisted well he is a lifer nothing anybody can do to change his mine A FULL BLOOD MARINE!!! but i love and support him no matter what he does and what he will choose i will be there with him ♥

but i also have exciting things like the 1 hour skype date with my MARINE this morning ♥ it was so good to see his face after over 2 weeks and really beeing able to talk for a while 

i cant believe its only been (almost) 3 month since i saw him the last time in person it feels like hes gone for so much longer well earlier i said the year is going by sooo fast yeah but ever since he deployed time is kinda standing still and wont go by at least today things seem a little better its not one of those days where im crying without a break im happy cause i talked to him and i know he is okay i love u so much ALEXANDER GILLIGAN ♥

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