Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 month 3 weeks && 6 days

2 month 3 weeks && 6 days since he left.... it feels more like 5 month 3 weeks && 6 days!!!
this deployment is going by so slow... :( and it seems like one day is worse then the other.
good days and bad days thats what other people keep telling me it just seems like there are way more bad days then good days!!! but in the end every single day will be absolutely worth it......
i so cant wait till he comes home we have so many plans :) i so cant wait yaaaay :)
but first he has to come home from Afghanistan....i miss him soooo much all his craziness and random moments 
the funny things he does and especially the tripping over his boots every single day.... 
well actually i think this deplyoment is a good opportunity to gain experience and it shows how strong LOVE really can be we sure had our ups and downs in the last time more downs then ups but we always managed to work things out :) THANK GOD !!!........
we went thru so much together and it sure is a once in a lifetime chance to find someone like him he has his moods and his temper but besides that he is the best FIANCÉ in the world its crazy now thinking about a future without each other we grew so close  i never really thought it would be like that........... so perfect long therm engaged etc. even how this all began was kind of crazy but he was fighting for me ;) and he did a really great job :) oh well....anyways .... he called yesterday it was so good to hear his voice again even tho he was in a bad mood and really sad :( but i made him laugh and smile and made him feel a little better :)  i wish he could be here right now all i have right now is his dogtags and his picture................ and of course half of his closet :))))) ♥ lol i ♥ u ALEXANDER !!!!

yaaaay ♥ so cant wait!!!!!

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