Thursday, October 21, 2010

........civilian chicks

so i just hate when girls complain about not being able to see their boyfriends for the next 2 days or when he goes out of town for a few days i just want to shake them and say "hey suck it up" and then i have to hear crap like he didnt text me back and blah whatever else, hey seriously what are we military wifes fiancées and grirlfriends suppose to say then our men are gone more then they are home were lucky if we get 1 phone call within 1 month during a deployment were lucky if we get to talk to our men for more then 5 minutes were lucky if we get an email with just a simple "im okay"...... and were lucky if we cam have a skype conversation without the internet connection breaking down ....... and we dont bitch about it 24/7 certain people have no clue what we have to go thru sometimes how hard a relationship or a marriage can be because of military issues but thru love doesnt know distance still im sick of all this drama about 15 year old chicks crying about their boytoys seriously get a life learn what loving someone really means a realthionship with a MARINE, SOLDIER, SAILOR or AIRMAN isnt what people think like easy and paradise its hard and it takes a strong woman to love a military man

i love my MARINE


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