Wednesday, November 3, 2010

103 days...... and counting

Sooo i havent posted a new one in quite a while anyways .....
its amazing how this weather here in California keeps changing last week i was freezing by 60 degrees and now we have 87 well of course i live in the weirdest place in California i think Vandenberg Air Force Base should be in a warmer place hahaha got i cant wait for my marine to come back but i rather stay here then 29 plams lol i really liked Cherry Point to bad he got transfered to Calif :(((( actually its not bad tho ....
OMG thank god October is over woo hoo one moth closer and the past month was literally dragging by ugh ooh well im not gonna lie the other days from july 24th till today weren't better haha but thanks to the awesome support i have and SKYPE actually i prefer OOVOO ;) made this easier well it never gets easier u just kinda get used to it 

PS: During this deployment i gained a lot of experience i met a lot of new people and i sure had a some breakdowns even tho we are not even close too homecoming it feels like hes will be home in no time (...yeah right thats what i wish) anyways its amazing how i didnt even know most of the girls but we became really good friends right away it feels amazing to have such an amazing support and to support other girls with the same situation its really good to get advice from girls that really understand me.... it made this a lot easier and especially it made me a stronger person...........  and im really grateful for all the support i have and get thanks girls i ♥ u all 

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